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Talent Leader says Built In’s ROI is “Easily, Without a Doubt, the Highest”

A Cloud Guru: The largest online cloud training platform gives 1.5 million people the skills they need to move up in their careers and change their lives.

Austin, TX


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The Challenge

Headquartered in Melbourne, A Cloud Guru launched its U.S. presence in Austin in 2019. The company at the time was “growing like a rocket ship,” says Danielle Bechtel, who heads up talent brand marketing and strategy for the company, which serves 1.5 million customers. 


In January 2019, just six salespeople sat in Austin. And Bechtel didn’t just need to hire a lot of salespeople. She needed to hire a lot of values-aligned salespeople. Although engineers live and breath cloud computing, top sales talent needed to know: Why cloud computing? And why A Cloud Guru? 


The answer lay in telling rich stories of A Cloud Guru’s culture — and in delivering those stories to the right audience. “When you’re determining where to invest,” says Bechtel, “the question becomes: Which platform is likely to attract the right people?”

In my opinion, Built In has established a brand that draws values-driven candidates with the growth mindset we need.”

Danielle Bechtel

Head of Talent Brand Marketing

The Solution

In 2019, A Cloud Guru participated in more than 10 articles. “It’s difficult to articulate brand values in a job description,” she says. “But Built In does a really good job of focusing on culture. The content becomes a way to pre-qualify people. When values-aligned people read about us, they opt in — and unqualified people opt out.” 


“The number one way Built In helped our brand was with Best Places to Work,” says Bechtel, whose company was featured in four list categories, including seventh place on Built In Austin’s 100 Best Places to Work and second on Best Midsize Companies. 


“What I love is that the list is based on algorithms,” she says. “It’s not pay to play. As a mid-sized company, I can’t compete with enterprises that can afford to pay for those placements.” It also offers third-party validation: “I can tell people we’re a great place to work. But when a third party uses an algorithm to say the same thing, it adds a lot of credibility.”

The Results

In 2019, A Cloud Guru hired six people from Built In, which is Bechtel’s number 2 source for inbound leads behind her own career site. In April 2020, 343 candidates applied to A Cloud Guru through Built In Austin. This accounted for 16% of the company’s applicant pool. 


Bechtel calls out her mid-February 2020 Built In event as a stand-out for driving talent. During the event, her team added 44 attendees to their CRM. One of those attendees, a graphic designer, reported for duty in mid- May. 


“With other platforms, I feel like I’m paying just to pull ads off of my career site page,” she says. “Of all the platforms I invest in, the ROI from Built In Austin is easily, without a doubt, the highest.” 

In 2019

6 Direct Hires
From Built In

A Cloud Guru's #2 source for inbound leads behind their own career site.

April 2020

343 Candidates Applied Through Built In

This accounts for 16% of A Cloud Guru's applicant pool.

February 2020
Built In Event

44 Attendees Added To The CRM

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Talent Leader says Built In’s ROI is “Easily, Without a Doubt, the Highest”

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