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“A Huge ROI for Us”: How Built In Helped AllCampus Save $58K in Agency Fees in 2019

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Saved $58K

In 2019 Agency Fees

The Challenge

In 2018, AllCampus used a la carte postings on various job boards and, for hard-to-fill  roles, engaged agencies — but unenthusiastically. “In addition to the cost of agency  fees, we just didn’t see the quality,” says Heather Shulick, EVP, Human Resources. “It felt  like recruiters were pushing candidates just to hit numbers, because they were not at all  qualified.”  

Shulick started paying more attention to the a la carte postings, and tracked several  hires back to Built In. She realized: If she were to hire two developers through Built In,  she’d save about $50,000 in recruiter fees.

That’s a huge ROI for us,” she says. “When I explained that to my executive team, my CEO just said, ‘We need to call Built In now to see what kind of expanded opportunities there are.”

Heather Shulick

EVP, Human Resources

The Solution

To test the waters, Shulick entered into a basic partnership but soon saw the uptick in applicants she needed to level up with Built In. She added features like premium placement, giving her content more visibility, and a suite of branded content. In all, the company has participated in 13 articles and a video.  


“Whenever an article comes out, we see a boost in job post views,” says Shulick, who recalls that, several months after doing her Built In video, a major hiring push required 20 interviews in one week.  


“After doing the interviews, our account manager said that 19 of 20 people mentioned seeing the video,” she says. “So everyone’s watching the video, which is awesome!”  


Shulick also appreciates Built In’s consultative approach: “Built In takes the time to look at the types of roles we’re  hiring,” she says. “The conversations are always very strategic. Whether we’re in a push to hire developers or marketers, Built In suggests articles that help us drive toward those goals.”

The Results

“You just get higher quality applicants with Built In than other sources,” says Shulick, who offers a hypothetical: “Let’s say we get 10 Built In candidates. About three of  them will move past the screening. With Indeed, you can get 100 candidates and none of them move on.” 



In 2018, 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020, AllCampus made four, seven and three hires, respectively. In 2018, the Built In partnership saved AllCampus $50,625 in recruiter fees and, in 2019, $58,500. In May 2020, the “past 90-day hire rate” from Built In applications was 3%. The next best rate from a different source was 1%.  


Shulick, who began focusing more on AllCampus’ brand last year, also credits Built In for helping in that arena.  “We did an article about our charitable work, which wasn’t about driving hires,” she says, “but it drove home our core values. Built In has such a strong reputation within tech. So when people see us telling that story on Built In, it makes a really positive brand impression.”

Number of Direct Hires From Built In

4 in 2018
7 in 2019
3 in Q1 2020

Totaling to 14 direct hires from Built In throughout their partnership so far.

Amount Built In Saved AllCampus in Recruiter Fees

$50,625 in 2018 + $58,500 in 2019

Totaling more than $100,000 in savings.

May 2020

Past 90-Day Hire Rate from Built In Applications

The next best rate from a different source was 1%.

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