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How Matillion Reduced Its Agency Dependency By 20% And Improved Connection With Candidates

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Reduction in agency dependency

The Challenge

As a growing information technology company, Matillion powers data-driven insights for enterprise corporations around the world — and they have the geographic spread to do so. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company has additional offices around the U.S. and in Manchester, U.K. In order to hire and develop its teams across multiple locations, Matillion needed a strong digital presence that resonated with candidates. 


“We really needed to find a solution that was more than a job board,” says Vicki Marchington, Vice President of People at Matillion. “We wanted to be able to talk to our candidates and to connect with them. And we wanted to find a way to share some of our company stories.” 


Additionally, the team sought a solution to its mounting agency fees. “We were heavily dependent on agencies,” adds Marchington. For a cost-effective, highly engaging platform, Matillion turned to Built In Colorado. “Built In has really allowed us to not only reduce our costs for recruitment, but to connect with candidates in a much more sociable way.”

Built In has really allowed us to not only reduce our costs for recruitment, but to connect with candidates in a much more sociable way.” 

Vicki Marchington

Vice President of People

The Solution

Once officially a partner, Matillion quickly took advantage of the versatile suite of content Built In offers. At the time, Marchington was relatively new to both Matillion and Built In, but was impressed by how seamlessly the cross-geo partnership was managed. “Built In made it very straightforward for us,” says Marchington. “It was easy to create great content, great collateral and connect with the tech community in Denver when working with Built In.”

Marchington appreciates Built In’s consultative approach to content creation. “Built In is really good at giving us options,” she says. “They give us a range of articles and activities that we can be involved in, and they empower us to choose the ones that best suit our strategy, our values and our plans for the year. That’s really helpful for us.”


Since the start of their partnership, Matillion has participated in numerous Built In articles, an Insider Spotlight, an Insider Video and developed a custom Insider Page.

The Results

Matillion recognized the value of Built In from the very start. “Our first video shoot with Built In was extremely seamless; it was very easy for us to step away and have Built In manage it for us,” says Marchington.


Plus, the team saw a huge ROI almost immediately: “We managed to reduce our agency dependency by 20% after creating the video,” says Marchington. “We also got a lot of feedback from candidates about their comfort coming in for interviews having already met the team on screen beforehand.” 


For Matillion, working with Built In has been unlike any partnership they’ve had before. “They’re so closely aligned with the way that we work at Matillion,” says Marchington. “The dread you feel when your account manager changes just isn’t the case at Built In. Everyone we’ve worked with just makes it very easy for us.” 


The streamlined communication and seamless execution is what makes Built In stand out. “Every single part of the process has already been thought of for you,” Marchington adds. “The stress of multitasking and managing processes by yourself is relieved by a partnership with Built In.” 


With multiple locations around the world, Matillion knows the true extent of Built In’s value. “I honestly believe that any company would do well to partner with Built In,” saays Marchington. “I can’t imagine in what industry or in what geography this wouldn’t be relevant for somebody.” 

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