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Built In Enabled Panorama Education To Successfully Navigate A Hiring Boom & Remote-First Shift

Panorama Education is an education software company delivering SaaS solutions for school districts to help radically improve academic, social, and emotional outcomes for all students. Using research-based methodologies, Panorama combines education expertise with technical proficiency to build tools that make it easier for teachers to help their students.

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The Challenge

Like many companies, Panorama Education had major shifts in both their business and recruitment needs within the last few years. After a period of steady and significant growth, Panorama’s reach has expanded dramatically in the past 18 months as it emerged as the leading provider of social-emotional assessment tools for schools. The pandemic not only changed how Panorama worked; it also made the need for its products even more pressing for schools as they address the impacts of two years of pandemic learning on students.


Panorama now serves 15 million students in 1500 school districts across all 50 states. This equates to more than 25% of K – 12 students in the country. With the recent launch of its fourth product line, focused on supporting positive behavior in schools through research-based practices, the market continues to expand.


With this increased and growing client demand, the company’s need for tech talent, especially in engineering, product, and design, has skyrocketed.

In response to the pandemic, and to its growing business needs, Panorama transitioned to a remote-first work model. The company knew this would allow it to expand the pipeline of new employees and retain existing talent. 

The challenge now was to leverage its growth, its mission-driven focus, and its commitment to a remote-first workforce to strengthen its recruitment strategies and meet its talent needs.

While the Panorama people team had a prior relationship with Built In, it has leaned much more heavily on the Built In resource to meet their new recruiting challenges.

I come from an employer branding background and when I started using Built In I immediately saw the value in it. It’s a powerhouse tool for attracting the talent we need.”

Steven Amrhein

talent acquisition branding specialist

The Solution

Steven Amrhein, talent acquisition branding specialist at Panorama Education, was one of the team members who inherited the Built In partnership and he immediately fell in love with it. Amrhein said, “I come from an employer branding background and when I started using Built In I immediately saw the value in it. It’s a powerhouse tool for attracting the talent we need.” 


Built In strategized with Panorama Education to deliver content that would engage and attract the exact talent it was looking for. The stories told attracted mid-to-senior level engineering talent and product designers to keep up with the demand for its products. Another content piece allowed Panorama Education to create a career path for business development representatives to join the team and eventually grow into seasoned sales professionals. 


The content strategy with Built In also gave Panorama Education the opportunity to share its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, one of its core values. Amrhein states, “Panorama Education is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive company because we serve students, educators, and families from tremendously diverse backgrounds and identities across the country; we’ve seen how our product and impact are strengthened the more we reflect that diversity. In addition, we have found (and we believe the research) that diverse teams are higher-performing, and we embrace the varied perspectives that our team members share with each other. If we are going to serve schools in all kinds of communities, and deliver solutions that are customized to meet their unique, local needs, it only makes sense to have a workforce that is as diverse as our client base. Built In has helped us showcase this core value to candidates.” 


Built In also helped Panorama Education strategically shift its company culture externally with candidates from an in-office message to remote-first. The Built In account management team gave the company imagery, messaging and content recommendations for updating its Company Profile. Panorama Education also participated in content that would allow candidates to learn more about their new, remote-first culture.

The Results

Amrhein shared the value of Built In by saying, “What really stands out in our partnership with Built In is the number of hires coming from Built In, especially mid to senior-level hires. They’re exactly what we’ve been looking for.” 

Panorama was impressed with the increase in brand awareness. In terms of applicants, Built In outranked the company’s referral numbers and performed as the second-best job platform. In one year alone, Built In drove 17 direct hires for Panorama Education. And of the hires Panorama Education has seen from Built In, 37.5% identify as women and 44% come from underrepresented backgrounds. 

This doesn’t include the number of candidates that were influenced by Panorama Education’s presence on Built In. Laura B., a senior software engineer at Panorama reflected on how she first heard about the company saying, “I really wanted to work in edtech and started looking around and I found Panorama on Built In. When I read about the company I thought this is the perfect company, I hope I can work for them.” 

Last year, Panorama Education conducted a survey with all new hires. Those results identified Built In as one of the top places candidates learned about the company. Panorama’s Built In content has moved the needle on awareness, interest and applications.

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14,060 profile views in 2021

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