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How Built In Helped Papaya Tell Its Brand Story And Hire Critical Roles

Papaya Pay: A mobile payment solution designed to improve the bill paying experience.

Sherman Oaks, CA


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The Challenge

As a mobile payment solution that makes paying bills simple and hassle-free, Papaya Pay is in a league of its own. However, the team struggled to differentiate themselves within the marketplace. “Papaya is a really common name for companies across all industries,” says Danielle Tucker, manager of people and recruiting at Payapa.

On top of that, Papaya faced additional brand recognition challenges: “When you Google ‘papaya,’ the first thing that comes up is the fruit,” says Tucker. “I really wanted to create something that was the source of truth for who we are within the LA startup community.”

For a branding boost, Papaya turned to Built In LA. “I’m a team of one, so I’m responsible for all of our employer branding and marketing,” says Tucker. “Built In is like an extension of my marketing team.” But it’s not just the added marketing support Tucker appreciates: “The biggest benefit of Built In is that it’s such a trusted platform. People come to Built In to find out information about tech.”

We attract a really diverse range of people through Built In LA. A ton of candidates are applying from other geos across the United States.” 

Danielle Tucker

Manager of People & Recruiting

The Solution

As an avid fan of Built In from the job seeker side, Tucker wasted no time getting Papaya set up as a partner company. “I signed us up for Built In LA my first week at Papaya,” she says. “We were hiring a ton and really needed to attract as many high-quality candidates as we could.”

Her Built In account management team took a consultative approach, helping Tucker set the wheels
in motion for two high quality pieces of content shortly after the partnership launch. “The content on Built In is amazing,” she says. “The fact that people are able to pour over content that they identify with — whether that’s culture, tech or something else — they can always find articles that align with what they’re looking for.”


It’s this wide breadth of content that Tucker attributes to stronger relationships with candidates. “When I am talking to candidates who found us on Built In, they have a connection to Papaya,” she says. “I think people feel like they really know us.”

But Built In content isn’t just helping to educate job seekers, it’s activating them. “I think people apply to Papaya because of what they learn about us on Built In,” says Tucker. 


The Results

And apply people did. In Q4 of 2019 and Q1 of 2020, the team received 99 Built In applications to Papaya’s open roles. Over the same period of time, Papaya hired four candidates from Built In across business-critical functions — product, operations and growth — including their VP of Product. 


“We get a ton of high quality talent for engineering and sales roles through Built In La,” say Tucker. Leveraging Built In’s Employer Roundups, Papaya was able to tell its story in a way that resonates with candidates the team wants to connect with. 


“Candidates can come to our site and see everything they want to about our culture, the jobs that we’re hiring for, our funding rounds, our tech stack — everything.” 


The custom company profile and authentic stories have enabled Papaya to engage top talent within its local LA community and beyond. “We attract a really diverse range of people through Built In LA,” says Tucker. “A ton of candidates are applying from other geos across the United States.” 


Over 2019 and 2020, Built In was a top-three source of hires for Papaya, and the number one source for inbound applicants. Regarding company partnerships, Tucker has this advice to give: “If you haven’t joined Built In yet, join.” 


4 hires in product, operations and growth


#1 source for inbound applicants

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