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Talent Leader Says Built In Is A ‘Must Have’ Recruitment Tool

PitchBook is a rapidly growing financial data and software company with an award-winning product that provides comprehensive data and analysis on the capital markets.

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The Challenge

Headquartered in Seattle, PitchBook was looking to drive more candidate awareness of who it is and what it does. The team wasn’t worried about getting a lot of candidates, but attracting the right candidates. 


PitchBook knew the answer to this challenge was to get its employer brand right. Mary Catherine Wolfe, senior director of talent acquisition at PitchBook shared more insight on this: “One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is being able to accurately portray your employer brand. You want to attract the right candidates — those who would be a fit for PitchBook’s culture and values. Finding a partner to help us do this would create a better candidate experience and cut down on our workload.” 


PitchBook signed on as a launch partner with Built In Seattle to help overcome this challenge. Wolfe said, “We didn’t know what to expect during the launch partnership. We knew we wanted to get more visibility with candidates and we were able to attribute a lot of applicants to Built In.” 

It was clear from the applicant flow and awareness Built In provided during our launch partnership that we couldn’t not invest in Built In again.” 

Mary Catherine Wolfe

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

The Solution

PitchBook’s launch partnership began in 2018 and the company has continued to partner with Built In ever since. 


“It was clear from the applicant flow and awareness Built In provided during our launch partnership that we couldn’t not invest in Built In again,” said Wolfe. “A lot of our talent competitors were also on Built In so we knew our investment was worthwhile and would help us be seen as cutting-edge.” 


Content creation has played a large role in its partnership with Built In. “The content we’ve created with Built In gives us a chance to be thought leaders and allows us to show who we are in a different way than our career site or other partners can,” said Wolfe. 


PitchBook has strategically positioned its Built In content to align with its hiring needs and topics candidate’s care about. This has allowed the company to fill roles across many departments, including sales and product. 


Since becoming a launch partner in Seattle, PitchBook has expanded its partnership with Built In to two other markets: San Francisco and New York. In fact, it was because of the success PitchBook saw with its Seattle partnership that the company decided to expand to two other markets. 

The Results

PitchBook has continued its partnership with Built In Seattle for three years because of the continued results it has seen. In just the first three months of 2021, PitchBook received more than 225 applications from Built In Seattle alone. If you factor in San Francisco and New York, more than 340 applicants have come from Built In. 


Not only is the company seeing a large number of applicants, but more qualified applicants as well. the company’s recruiters no longer have to waste time sifting through unqualified resumes. “Candidates who come to us from Built In have interests and values that are very aligned with who we are as an organization,” said Wolfe. “They are really passionate about what we do and want to be a part of our team.” 


This highly-qualified talent the company attracts also helps achieve its goal of a better offer-acceptance rate. “Because Built In candidates are more informed about who we are and what we do, they are more likely to get through our interview process and accept our job offers,” said Wolfe. 


PitchBook attributes this success to the articles and stories it has been featured in with Built In. Wolfe said, “Built In provides a level of transparency and authenticity that really allows companies to showcase who they are. I think that is the key to attracting talent and Built In enables us to do that.” 


“Built In is the umbrella that drives candidates and awareness for us,” says Wolfe. “It’s a must-have platform in our recruiting toolkit.” 


225 Applicants in the first 3 months of 2021