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How Built In Helped Wistia Tell Its Story In A Time When “More Than Ever, Employer Branding Is Critical”

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The Challenge

The creative energy and passionate team it’s known for has helped Wistia gain a band of loyal followers. Because of this, the team relied heavily on employee referrals and direct outreach for recruitment. “We were super popular among certain marketing circles and folks who knew and loved our brand,” says Taylor Roa, manager of talent acquisition at Wistia.

Still, Wistia aimed to generate brand awareness across a larger community. “We wanted to reach a broader tech audience in the Boston market, and a more diverse audience,” adds Roa. For help, the team looked to Built In Boston to elevate their brand as an employer of choice.

“More than ever, employer branding is critical,” says Roa. “People are hypersensitive to the types of environments they’re working in, as they should be. It’s really important to have a good company culture, and a good way to share that with the world. I really think Built In has played a big role in helping us achieve that.”

Right after signing on with Built In, we saw a big spike in applications for our marketing and video producer roles — and it’s been consistent since then.”

Taylor Roa

Manager of Talent Acquisition

The Solution

In 2019, Wistia officially launched its Built In partnership. However, Roa was no stranger to the Built In community. “I used Built In as a candidate, and was delighted with the experience,” he says. “I was really excited about the companies and content I was seeing. That experience was a big factor in why I looked into partnership opportunities.”

Built In made it easy for Roa to set up Wistia’s profile, and he enjoyed bringing team members from across
the company into the fold. What most impressed Roa, however, was Built In’s strategic approach to content. “From day one I’ve been impressed with their SEO strategy,” Roa says. “Built In is really effective at getting our brand seen — in a way that we want to be seen — and sharing our message in a personal way.”


Pairing this exposure with Built In’s hyper-targeted audience of qualified technology professionals has been a winning combination for Wistia. “The biggest benefit of working with Built In is brand awareness among a super relevant audience,” says Roa. “Qualified marketers, engineers, data scientists: the type of talent we need at Wistia.”

The Results

Within the first year of its partnership, Wistia saw a boost in candidate quality. “I think because Built In’s audience is so tech-centric, we’ve received a lot more relevant candidates who are excited about the kinds of problems we’re solving at Wistia and want to join our type of work environment,” says Roa.


Focused on growing its internal marketing team, Wistia was pleased to see a corresponding flood of applicants from Built In. “Really right after signing on with Built In, we saw a big spike in applications for our marketing and video producer roles — and it’s been consistent since then,” adds Roa. 


For Roa and his team, Built In has proved itself a talent acquisition staple: “Built In has become a household name that any tech company would default to when they’re looking to solutions for recruitment marketing.”

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