Tools for Today

Recruitment Tools.

Candidates today act like consumers, researching companies before applying the way shoppers study pages of product reviews. It's time to use the tools that meet candidates where they're at.

Be National. Be Local. Be Both.

Attracting visitors from across the U.S., Built In affords the chance to reach local talent while extending your story across the nation.

You At A Glance

Premium Employer Profiles

With engaging but scannable text, your photo-rich profile shows off your people, values and benefits. It gives candidates insights they need to make the leap and apply.

Insider Page

Enrich your Premium Profile by diving deep into employees discussing one of three topics in depth: Product + Tech, Culture or DEI. 

Create Awareness Around Your Brand

Content Studio

Create awareness with high-quality candidates with a unique platform to build always-on, trusted content - both owned and earned.

Post For The Future

Unlimited Job Listings

Job Posts of the Past: Long lists of bullet-point job requisites. Job Posts of the Future: Built In's listings, which are visually compelling, tied to your branded content and unlimited.

Engage The Most In-Demand Talent

Candidate Viewer

Proactively re-engage candidates who researched your company on Built In and abandoned their applications.

Be Seen

Brand Boost

When you're on Built In, you're in front of a skilled audience you can't find elsewhere. Stand out even more with our advanced product that combines high-priority placement with strategic candidate targeting.