What Job Seekers Want in 2021

Built In’s 2021
Candidate Insight Reports

Use These Insights To Improve Your Recruitment Strategy. We analyzed how tech candidates behave on our sites to determine the most sought after perks and benefits, technologies, content topics, industries and salary ranges.

Explore the reports below to find out exactly what candidates are looking for in an employer and how you should amplify these strengths in your employer brand.

The Most Sought-After Perks & Benefits of 2021​

A company’s perks and benefits program are one of the biggest factors in a job seeker’s decision to accept a job offer. This report shows if you’re up to par with candidates’ desires.

The Most In-Demand Technologies of 2021​

Technologists care deeply about the tech stack a potential employer uses. Understand which technologies are most desired by elite tech talent today.

The Most Popular Content Formats in Tech - 2021

Compelling content can take your recruitment marketing strategy to the next level. But in order for it to be successful, you need to know what candidates want to read about. This report will do just that.​

Tech Industry Heatmap - 2021

Some candidates prefer to work in specific industries and if your company is in one of these industries, you should lean into it. These insights could give your company another reason to stand out with candidates.​

2021 Tech Salary Expectations​

Salary is a top job consideration for more than half of candidates. Don’t lose out on great candidates, use our data to determine your compensation packages for the most in-demand technology roles.​

On-Demand Webinar: Candidate Insights to Find Top Talent in 2021

Hear experts' reactions to our candidate insights and what’s top of mind for them when it comes to hiring top talent today.​

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