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Our 2021 Best Places to Work program is now closed! Check out who won in the links below. More information on our 2022 awards program will be coming soon.

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About Built In's Best places to Work

Best Places to Work is an awards program for companies located in eight major markets across the U.S. and nationwide. This year’s awards will highlight companies located in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Francisco. It rates companies algorithmically based on their compensation, benefits and culture programs.


The 2021 Lists.

There are multiple Best Places to Work lists to be a part of, depending on your company size and location. Here’s how your company could be recognized in the 2021 program: 


Best Places To Work Built In

100 Best Places to Work

50 Best Small Places to Work

(Less than 100 employees)

best small companies to work for
best midsize companies to work for

100 Best Midsize Places to Work

(101-500 employees)

50 Best Paying Companies

best paying companies
companies with the best benefits

50 Companies with Best Benefits


50 Best Large Companies to Work For

More than 2,000 employees nationally

best large companies to work for


How to Be Considered.

To be eligible for inclusion in Best Places to Work, you need to submit the following information on your Built In profile before November 30, 2020.


Don’t have a Built In Profile?

3 steps for Consideration:

1. Update the “Perks of Working Here” section of your profile.

Make sure this information is up-to-date so you have the best chance of being on this year’s list.


NOTE: New Remote and DEI Benefits are available on your company profile. These will be factored into this year’s awards, so please ensure they are updated to accurately reflect your current company offerings.

2. Update Local and Total Employee Headcount on your profile.

 This will help our algorithm determine which lists you qualify for. You can find this information under the “Our Basic Info” section of your Company Profile.

3. Submit 5 employee salaries.

The salaries you submit will remain anonymous. We will not be accepting salaries that were submitted before June of 2019. 


Submit Salaries for your location(s) here: 

Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, LA, NYC, Bay Area, Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use compensation, employer benefits and culture programs to rank the Best Places to Work?

This year’s criteria was determined from a desire to showcase employers who have created a culture that supports employees — no matter if they’re in the office or at home — and is truly diverse, equitable and inclusive, among other foundational culture programs.

What does Built In do with the salary data and how is it displayed?

We use the salary data to evaluate your company relative to other companies in your market and category. In addition to this, we display aggregate salary information in our salary tool. We do not list salary information for specific positions by company. Salary information is fully anonymous.

What will winners receive?

Ahead of the announcement, we will notify all winners regarding which list(s) they are featured in. We will also provide winners a comprehensive press kit to share the news with their networks as well as a Best Places to Work 2021 badge to showcase their award.

The Best Large Companies to Work For list is new — what’s different about it?

The Best Large Companies to Work For list combines compensation, benefits and culture data from our eight local markets to determine the best large companies to work for in the country.


Both salaries and benefits and culture programs are weighted the same. For companies with multiple locations, a national average will be calculated. This allows large, multi-office organizations to be evaluated holistically and competitively.


For example, the relevant data for Acme Austin, Acme Chicago and Acme NYC will be pulled and used to calculate a national average for the company. This is done according to the same standards as all other Best Places to Work lists.

What is your methodology for ranking companies?

Best Places to Work rates companies algorithmically based on compensation, employer benefits and culture programs as identified in our database. Compensation is weighted 50%; benefits and culture programs are weighted 50%. The inclusion of culture programs is an update to last year’s awards in an effort to better reflect what employees care about in 2021: culture.


For compensation, we look at the median percentile for all salaries entered for your company and compare that to the rest of the companies in our database. We do not list salary information for specific positions by company. Salary information is fully anonymous.


For benefits and culture programs, we look at the following categories:

-Health & Wellness

-Remote Benefits

-Financial Planning & Stability

-Flexible Work Environment

-Diversity and Inclusion

-Professional Development

-Social Impact

-Perks & Discounts


This year, the weighting for Remote and DEI-related benefits has increased significantly, and subcategories within those topics have been incorporated as well, including but not limited to programs such as: 

-Mental Health Day(s)

-Home Office Stipend for Remote Employees

-Diversity Employee Resource Groups

-Hiring Practices that Promote Diversity


Please note, these subcategories are new to Built In Company Profiles. They are listed under Perks + Benefits and will be factored into the 2021 Best Places to Work awards. Please ensure your company profile is accurately updated with this new information.

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