Your Talent Pool Just Got Bigger [And Better]

For 1,800+ customers, Built In is a top source of qualified, diverse tech candidates — nationally, locally and remotely.

The Evolution.

When Built In launched in 2011, we were a very different company. We’ve grown with the times, but we’ll always be committed to our origins: In everything we do, we focus on uniting talent and tech — two forces that are powerful alone but invincible together.  

The Start.

Built In was founded as a social network and blogging platform for Chicago startups.

Light Bulb Moment.

When startups began attracting inbound talent through the stories on Built In, a new vision emerged.

The Revolution.

We harness the power of content and community to change tech recruitment and make it human.

Our Awards.


Our Purpose

At Built In, we empower humans to build the future. We connect the people and companies that need each other to turn their “could” into their “created.”

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Our People

We Focus On Uniting Tech And Talent.

We’re hiring

Join the Team.

Working for Built In is a chance to help exciting tech companies across the U.S. meet their talent acquisition goals — and to change the lives of tech professionals for the better. Our audience relies on Built In to find their professional purpose. By extension, our work is full of purpose, too.