what's required

How To Be Considered

This program does not have a standard nomination form. To be considered for the 2024 Best Places to Work program, you will need to make sure your Built In Company Profile is filled out with the most up-to-date information before October 31, 2023.


Be sure all of these steps are completed on your BuiltIn.com Company Profile, not your local market profiles. We will not be accepting submissions from any Built In market sites, only through BuiltIn.com.


Don’t have a BuiltIn.com Company Profile? Click here to set up your free account.

Step 1:

Open Your BuiltIn.com Company Profile

If you are already an admin on your Builtin.com Company Profile, log-in and click Edit Company Profile under your company’s logo in the top right hand corner of the page.

If you are not able to edit your Company Profile, email [email protected] and we will give you access to do so.

Step 2:

Choose Location(s)

Go to the Our Basic Info tab of your BuiltIn.com Company Profile and fill out the Offices section. You must confirm the Nearest Market for all office locations to be considered for an award, even if you are a hybrid company. It will determine which lists you’re eligible for by location.  


If you choose Remote as your Workplace Type, you’ll be eligible for our Remote lists. Note, if remote companies also have office locations, they can also nominate themselves for our local lists.


Note: Nearest Market is not required if you’ve chosen Remote as your office type.

Step 3:

Complete Company Description

Go to the Who We Are section of your Builtin.com Company Profile and fill out the Describe What Your Company Does section.

If it’s already completed, make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest information.

Step 4:

Upload A Gallery Image

Go to the Who We Are section of your BuiltIn.com Company Profile and upload at least one image to the first spot under the Gallery Images & Video section. If chosen as a winner, the Lead Gallery Image will appear on the winning list.

Note: The Lead Gallery Image must be a JPG or PNG to be eligible.

Step 5:

Provide Total Employee Headcount

Go to the Our Basic Info tab of your BuiltIn.com Company Profile and fill in the Total Employees sections.

Note: For Total Employees, use your global headcount.

Step 6:

Choose Your Perks + Benefits

Go to the Perks + Benefits section of your BuiltIn.com Company Profile and select the perks and benefits that accurately represent your company’s current total rewards offerings.

Step 7:

Submit Five Salaries

Go to this link and submit at least five salaries. You will need to fill out the form five times. If prompted to log-in, please do so or create an account. Each salary needs to be submitted individually. It may take up to 24 hours for your submitted salaries to reflect in this tracker.

Note: You must select your company name from the dropdown to accurately link the salaries to your company. It will begin to appear as you type it in the Company section.


Save Your Profile

You must click “Save Profile” after you’ve completed these steps in order for your Best Places to Work Eligibility to be updated. Your salary submissions could see up to a 15 minute delay. If you are having trouble, please email [email protected].