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How Built In Helped Enfusion Hire 9 People Across Functions

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The Challenge

Prior to Enfusion’s partnership with Built In, the company posted a la carte roles on job boards and relied heavily, though reluctantly, on agency recruiters. “We really wanted to move away from external agencies, in part because of the cost, but also because we weren’t seeing the quality we needed,” says Alexandra Evangelou, Senior Recruiter. 


In addition to a leadership push to move away from agencies, an unexpected discovery inspired the decision to join forces with Built In: A disproportionate number of qualified applicants were coming in from Built In’s listings versus agencies. “When we saw that, it just made a lot of sense to partner with Built In,” says Evangelou, who adds: “And the pricing felt really right.” 

I’d share our challenges and hiring priorities and the Built In team would help us decide which articles made sense in light of our goals.” 

Alexandra Evangelou

Senior recruiter

The Solution

When Evangelou stepped into her role at Enfusion in 2018, her goal was to elevate the company’s reputation as an employer of choice. “Years earlier, I had seen people so excited about Groupon’s hyper-growth that they took customer service jobs just to be part of the excitement. I wanted to generate that same level of enthusiasm for Enfusion, and having a presence on Built In helps us do that.”  


That year, Enfusion participated in eight articles. For Evangelou, the quarterly creative sessions were useful in  shaping content to ensure it met the company’s hiring needs: “I’d share our challenges and hiring priorities and the Built In team would help us decide which articles made sense in light of our goals. It’s really consultative, and I like that there’s a lot of room for us to explore ideas.” 


In addition to roundups, thought leadership articles and a company profile, a Spotlight article showcased the company’s entrepreneurial culture. “I love that Spotlight,” says Evangelou. “We saw a huge uptick in applications and views when we published it. Plus, it was a boost for the people we chose to feature.” 

The Results

For 2018, Enfusion tracks nine hires directly to Built In,  including four engineers as well as marketers and product  consultants. In addition to these direct hires, Evangelou  asks new hires where they heard about her company —  and “so many people mention Built In,” she says. 


“I think Built In is the deciding factor,” she says. “People  go to Glassdoor to check reviews, but they use Built In to  get a deeper sense of our culture, so, in a way, they self qualify themselves. They’ve done their research. They’ve  determined that they’re a fit.”


Evangelou points out one more challenge that Built In helped overcome: the flight of talent to New York or Silicon Valley. “The advantage of Built In is that we can find homegrown talent that doesn’t want  to go to a Facebook or a Google. We can find people  who want to come in at the ground level of a fast growing company in Chicago.”

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9 Hires Came
From Built In

Including engineers, marketers and product consultants


The Number Of Built In Articles Enfusion Has Participated In

Quarterly creative sessions were useful in shaping content to ensure it met the Enfusion team's hiring needs