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More Than Hires: How Built In Helped Scale Its Team and Build Brand Recognition In New Markets is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that democratizes the power of software so organizations can easily build software applications and work management tools to fit their every need.

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The Challenge has been helping companies collaborate more effectively since 2012. Since then, it has undergone massive growth, from acquiring over 18,000 customers in its first three years, to launching renowned global conferences and reaching unicorn status by 2019. 


The company is seen as a sought-after employer in Israel, where it’s globally headquartered, however it was challenging to replicate this candidate recognition when expanding its offices to the United States. “It was extremely challenging for candidates to know who we are as a company — not just a platform — and what it was like to work for us,” said Kimberly Singh,’s Talent Acquisition Team Lead.


“I would join different Slack and networking groups in an effort to push as much about our employer brand out there as possible in new locations where we were looking to grow, but I struggled to find a central space where candidates could go for that kind of information,” Singh adds. 


To support their expansion and cultivate awareness among candidates as an employer of choice, needed a partner with comprehensive offerings that wouldn’t complicate the team’s workflow. For a solution, they turned to Built In.

We want candidates to know how amazing our product is, and how great our culture is, and what it’s like to work here. Built In has been a really great resource to amplify our voices.”

Mike Lamm

VP of People, North America

The Solution

Already a partner in New York, leveraged Built In’s national expansion to support their own hiring needs. “We’ve been making a huge push around employment branding recently,” says Mike Lamm, VP of People, North America. “As a global company headquartered in Israel where our employer brand is very strong, we utilize many different platforms and resources to get our story out there in the U.S.,” Lamm adds. “We want candidates to know how amazing our product is, and how great our culture is, and what it’s like to work here. Built In has been a really great resource to amplify our voices.” leveraged Built In’s branded content and company profile to highlight employees from across the organization and recruit new talent. Because the majority of U.S. employees sit in client-facing roles, first focused on producing content that specifically catered towards sales professionals. “We started to shift this strategy, though, to feature more members of our team and be a little bit more employee-centric,” says Singh.


“Content is impactful from a branding perspective, but it also has a positive effect internally,” adds Lamm. “Not everyone is comfortable being featured in an article, but for those employees that are, they get really excited about it,” he adds.


Not only has Built In made it easy for to pivot its strategy as needed, but the content creation process couldn’t be simpler. Singh and Lamm appreciate Content Manager and the ease with which they can enroll and participate in premium content offerings. “It’s impactful, and it’s accessible,” says Lamm. “We don’t have to pitch our ideas to a media group, work with publishers and go through all these approval processes. Instead, someone on our team can send me a few topics to review and discuss potential interviewees, and then the article is done in a month’s time.”

The Results

Scaling a business market by market is no easy feat, especially without an overall strong brand. “Being able to build a brand that was recognizable in five or six new locations through Built In has helped us expand more quickly,” says Lamm. “The amount of hires we get in these locations is important, but we also quantify impact through candidate recognition of our brand.”

Still, was able to make some important hires with Built In’s support, bringing in eight direct hires in the first half of 2022. Prior to that, Built In was the source for 28 direct hires over the course of the partnership. “We get more value out of Built In than regular job boards,” says Singh. “There is the value of the articles, making sure that our employees feel like they’re a part of our employer brand, and reaching new people.” “It’s a ‘job board plus,’” adds Lamm. “There are similar platforms out there, but all of the pieces of Built In — the jobs, content, profile — set it apart from other tools.”

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