Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Candidates, investors and consumers are looking for your commitment to DEI. Our content demonstrates how you're creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Our DEI Manifesto

The promise of tech is that it can solve the world’s most pressing problems. And we have to wonder: What problem is more pressing than the immeasurable inequities that so many of our peers — colleagues from any marginalized or underrepresented groups or identities — have endured?

No problem is more pressing.  For too long, the establishment has expected people to fit into small cultures designed to exclude.

We’re on a mission to create a culture so open that it embraces all people. We are guided by the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our aim is to ensure that, when any employee walks through Built In’s doors, they know they’re walking into a space that rejects all forms of racism, sexism, phobism, bias, inequity, discrimination, injustice, exclusion, harassment and aggression, overt or covert.

For us, it could not be clearer: There is no problem more pressing. And we won’t stand idly by. We will do our part to listen, learn and act, over and over, until Built In becomes an exemplar for DEI in the workplace.

DEI Initiatives

Our pledge is that we’ll continually launch efforts to ensure that every candidate and employee experiences our commitment to DEI, including these efforts and more: 

Our Dedication to Women In Tech.

Although we’re working hard to grow into a standard bearer of DEI for all people, we’re proud of our company’s gender diversity in an industry that has historically underrecognized women.
Our CEO is among the 0 %

overall corporate population.

of women CEOs in the overall corporate population.

Women Employees 53%
Women in Management 53%
up from 40% in 2020
Women in Leadership 63%

up from 50% in 2020


Employee Resource Groups

One of our highest-impact DEI initiatives is our growing number of ERGs designed to enhance a culture of radical inclusion, educate allies and provide input on our DEI efforts.

Built Different: A space for people who self-identify as having a disability, chronic illness and/or neurodivergence. Our mission is to support & empower both members & allies to advocate for & build inclusivity within & outside the group, as well as across the company & tech industry.
Built In For The People (FTP): A welcoming space for BIPOC & allies to connect, educate ourselves & share thougths on racism. Our mission is to generate conversations & actions that help BIPOC at Built In & in the broader community feel more comfortable in their own skin, within the techology industry & society.
Built Out: Supports LGBTQ+ people at Built In, in our industry & in our larger community. We educate & empower allies, & help Built In earn a reputation as a leading queer-friendly employer.
Women United in Tech: Supports & celebrates women in work. This community starts conversations, shares knowledge & ideas & also hosts events in an effort to create advocacy, empowerment, empathy & growth.
Built In Tribe: A resource for Jewish-identifying Built In employees who are looking for a community inside & outside of work. We help peers understand the significance behind traditions & history. Above all, we exist to learn, grow & celebrate our heritage as Jewish professionals.
United We Parent: A safe, supportive & educational environment for employees who identify as parents & legal guardians. We understand the challenges of working parents and want to advocate with tools & resources to help members achieve equity & excel in the workplace & at home.
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