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The onset of COVID-19 has significantly impacted recruitment around the world and across industries — healthtech is no exception. Still, there remains tremendous room for growth.

Built In is committed to helping healthtech employers and recruitment teams find the talent they need to grow their business.

We analyzed first-party data from healthtech employers across our online communities to generate the insights you need to hone your recruitment strategy. Specifically, we examined the impact of COVID-19 on the state of healthtech recruitment. Let's look at the data.


of healthtechs within our communities are still actively hiring during COVID-19.

What's driving this demand for talent in the midst of a global pandemic?

The second quarter of 2020 saw the healthtech industry shatter funding records to the tune of $18.1 billion raised, per CB Insights. Funding for the digital health sector saw a 22% quarter-over-quarter increase while M&A activity within the telehealth sector increased, as well. The healthtech industry is playing a leading role in keeping Americans safe and healthy in uncertain times, and that responsibility is leading to a high demand for talent.

By The Numbers

# 1
Healthtech is the most in-demand industry among tech candidates in our communities, per user search behavior.
15 %
As of Q3 2020, application volume to our healthtech partners is 15% higher than pre-COVID levels.


On average, our healthtech partners have 20 open positions posted with Built In.

Just about every business in the healthcare industry is competing for talented data scientists, but with demand outpacing supply, these individuals are hard to come by.

On Built In, however, data scientist roles receive the most applications within the healthtech industry.

These are the roles healthtech companies are hiring for today.

Software Engineering




Data Science









Our Customers.

We're proud to work with the companies leading the next digital revolution.

From Our Customers.

Overall, healthtechs on Built In are benefiting from high levels of candidate interest. Specifically, this is manifesting as high application volume for extremely in-demand roles (data science, software engineerings, etc.). Healthtech opportunities are in high demand with job seekers, and Built In is the best way to catch the eye of top tech professionals.

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