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Healthtechs play a leading role in keeping Americans safe and healthy and that responsibility is leading to a high demand for talent. Built In creates powerful tech talent pipelines for healthtech companies by producing best in class employer brand content.

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Demand For Tech Talent In Healthcare Is High.


of all open healthtech jobs on Built In require technological skill sets.


of all open healthtech roles on Built In are for software engineers.


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Healthtech is the most in-demand industry among tech candidates in our local communities, per user search behavior. With a majority of Built In users seeking out employers within the healthtech industry, it shows just how eager they are to work for organizations like yours.

65% of our users have a software engineering or data science background.

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As the need for technological advancements to keep Americans healthy grows, so does the need for talent to support healthtech companies.

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Healthtech companies on Built In are benefiting from high levels of candidate interest. Specifically, high application volume for extremely in-demand roles like data science and software engineers. Built In is where tech talent goes to find their next employers, so don’t wait to get in front of them. Join other healthtech industry leaders by partnering with Built In to attract your next tech hire.