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Built In Makes Lasting Impression on Employer Brand Professional

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Go-To Employer Branding Solution

Valuable partnerships make lasting impressions. Ankit, Employer Brand Lead at Spring Health, knows this first hand. Since 2017, Ankit has used Built In as his go-to employer brand solution. 


Before employer branding and recruitment marketing became the norm, Ankit expressed feeling frustrated with available recruitment options. He explained further saying, “When I didn’t have Built In, I hated it. I had to rely on traditional job boards, review sites and paid media. While those channels are necessary at a certain scale, having a unique solution like Built In was key to upping my strategy and results.” 


Since Ankit first started using Built In, the world of employer branding has evolved drastically and Built In has grown with it. Ankit said, “As employer branding evolved, Built In continued to be the place to go. When I first partnered with Built In, in-office hiring was the norm and they were critical to the success of our local hiring efforts. Since then, Built In has expanded its audience to millions of users who have the opportunity to work for their partners across the nation and remotely.”

“I know Built In is where professionals go. They’ve built trust with their audience and that is something I want the company’s I work for to associate with.”

Ankit Pathak

Employer Brand Lead at Spring Health

Robust Employer Brand Solutions

As a long-time partner of Built In, Ankit has utilized many of Built In’s solutions. He states, “Built In offers a platform for us to tell our whole employer story. Unlike other partnerships with third-party platforms, we are able to post jobs, share our culture and employee value proposition, highlight our benefits, recognize our employee’s stories, and so much more. It’s like a mini-careers site. It changed my perception of what a company’s career site could be.” 


What makes Built In’s solutions so impactful? They align directly with how candidates look for jobs. Ankit states, “Professionals look forward to Built In content because it’s valuable to them. That’s why companies need to be on Built In. It is a core channel for getting our employer brand in front of the right candidates.” 


Ankit also notes Built In’s “breadth and depth of diverse talent.” DEI is a core part of Spring Health’s culture, Ankit’s current employer. Having a partnership that can amplify its DEI efforts and assist in meeting its DEI hiring goals is extremely valuable. 

The Built In Impact

Ankit speaks to the challenge employer branding professionals face in measuring the ROI of its brand. But he knows through his experience of being a Built In partner since 2017 across many organizations that Built In is key to influencing hires. 


“Candidates may only apply for a job through one channel, but what made them apply is what’s most important. With Built In being a go-to resource for candidates, I know it’s adding huge value in influencing our number of hires. I feel the impact of the partnership and miss it when it’s not there.” 


Going into interviews with potential new employers, Ankit brings up Built In. He explains, “When interviewing for a new employer branding job, I ask companies if they are currently using Built In. If they aren’t, I ask them why not and if they are, I offer ideas to amplify the solution.” He continues saying, “I know Built In is where professionals go. They’ve built trust with their audience and that is something I want the company’s I work for to associate with.”

Spring Health + Built In

Ankit also shares the impact his current employer, Spring Health, has seen through its partnership with Built In. In 2023, it saw 11,000+ applications from Built In alone. When comparing this performance to other third-party platforms, Built In easily accounts for 80% of its prospecting. 

Another added benefit to the Spring Health partnership is Built In’s SEO expertise. Ankit notes 42% of its candidates are coming from “Google Search” but it’s not a channel the company invests in. He states, “Built In’s SEO expertise offers a high-impact channel for applications without the need for us to do anything. It is such a big piece of our strategy, yet I don’t have to learn the skill. Built In does it for us while I can focus on the things I’m good at and want to learn.”

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