The Big To Do

Here’s What A Director Of Business Development at Lumina Datamatics Does All Day

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By Janey zitomer

Abigail Perrine, Director of Business Development & Strategy at Lumina Datamatics, recently talked us through her to-do list. 


Where she works: Lumina Datamatics, a content and technology company, partners with educational publishers, edtech companies, university systems and retailers. It provides services like curriculum development and e-book user testing designed to improve business competitiveness, efficiency and ease of operations for its partners. 

Boston, MA




On her to-do list:

According to Perrine, though adult learners make up about 38 percent of the undergraduate student population, the graduation rate is an abysmal 60 percent.

Which task gets her out of bed in the morning: To be honest, I’m excited about all of the things on my current to-do list. If I had to choose the ones that are most exciting right now, it would be a draw between data analysis tasks and researching adult learners. 


Learning about adult learners: I’m excited to do additional research on the unique challenges adult learners face in completing higher education. Even before the pandemic, adult learners simply faced a more difficult road than their younger peers. A lot of adult learners were working full-time and had family obligations to juggle. The pandemic has exerted even more pressure on them. I’m interested in researching how higher ed institutions, particularly community colleges, are supporting this particular type of learner and whether Lumina can help. 

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