The Big To Do

Here’s What a Product Manager at SquareFoot Does All Day

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By Brendan Meyer

Haley Walker, product manager at SquareFoot, talked us through her to-do list, sharing the task she most loves and why.


Where she works: SquareFoot is a commercial real estate company that helps businesses solve their office space needs. It provides access to inventory, brokerage services, flexible space offerings and lease consultations on an online platform that features over 300,000 office listings. 





On her to-do list:

SquareFoot operates PivotDesk, which assists companies with renting out unused workspace in their offices to other businesses.

Which task is most exciting to her:  One of the reasons I love working cross functionally is because it’s often the start of new innovations. Near the end of 2020, we launched Public Surveys, a revamped part of our process. We developed and introduced it to get more people in our pipeline to view listings that our brokers send. The entire project, from ideation through execution, was a great example of analytical and collaborative cross-departmental problem-solving, and it led to some immediate results.

Why she loves it: Sometimes, in the race to get something out the door, there’s a tendency to sit back afterward and neglect the follow-through. But analyzing the results is vital for us to learn and improve. When we see a strong impact, as we did with Public Surveys, we want to communicate the results to the team and everyone else at the company. It allows us to do right by both our clients and our fellow employees.

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