The Big To Do

What A Senior IT Support Specialist At Ro Does All Day

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By Janey Zitomer

As a member of Ro’s IT & Security Team, Darrell Tulcin is responsible for providing empathetic IT support to all internal departments. That can mean helping a colleague access control of the company’s systems or coordinating a technical infrastructure build at one of their recently opened pharmacy distribution locations.


What else makes up his day, and subsequently, his to-do list? Built In spoke to Tulcin to find out. 


Where he works: Ro is a healthcare technology company building a patient-centric healthcare system. The platform seamlessly connects telehealth, diagnostics and pharmacy services to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance.

New York, NY




On his to-do list:

“The IT and security department is always ready and willing to help our teams grow and scale,” Tulcin said, “which can mean anything from onboarding new hires onto our Ro ecosystem to supporting our engineers with the right tools.”

Which task gets him out of bed in the morning: Planning and coordinating the launch of Ro’s latest pharmacy distribution centers, which help patients access care and medications they may not otherwise have been able to. Tulcin says it’s exciting to work on projects that will build the future of a company that could improve the patient experience.

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