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What A Survey Scientist at Civis Analytics Does All Day

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By Janey zitomer

Rishi Guharay’s day isn’t that of your average tech professional. She often serves as an in-house subject matter expert on survey science methodology and optimizes data-related products to make sure clients receive high-quality insights. Below, Guharay walks Built In through a typical day and highlights her favorite tasks.


Where she works: Civis Analytics is a machine learning company that helps businesses, government agencies and nonprofits use data to gain a competitive advantage in how they attract and engage their target audience.

Chicago, IL




On her to-do list:

Good research must improve our knowledge about complex subject matters that oftentimes have no black-and-white answers. If equity and inclusivity is ignored, we would just be adding to the pre-existent “noisy” and biased understandings of the world around us.

Which task gets her out of bed in the morning: “There is nothing more important and inspiring to me than ensuring that my work is contributing something to making the world a more fair and equitable place and improving our understanding of each other,” Guharay said. While she says that all current research is intriguing, designing questions without bias and uncovering opinions and behaviors of niche audiences that are historically underrepresented in social science research gets her most excited.

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