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What Does A Business Intelligence Analyst At project44 Do All Day

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By Janey Zitomer

For the last year and a half, Alena Slavasheuskaya has been working across departments at project44 to make her customers’ lives easier. When she’s not fixing a bug or helping develop a new feature at the logistics tech company, Slavasheuskaya is reading up on market industry trends so she’s always ahead of the game. Her to-do list is full, and we’ll get a glimpse into it here.


Where she works: project44 is a visibility platform for shippers and third-party logistics firms. The business connects and automates key transportation processes and insights like performance trends and carrier benchmarking.

Chicago, IL




On her to-do list:

“I participate in the whole analytics product lifecycle – from initial researching and planning to tactical execution and after-launch support. When users get their hands on the final product, it’s extremely rewarding. But being that involved also puts a lot of pressure on me to develop a product users find helpful.”

Which task gets her out of bed in the morning: Developing new products. “It involves collaboration across different teams all focused on one goal: to build a tool that helps its users identify any trends or gaps so they can make sound business decisions,” Slavasheuskaya said.

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