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What Does A Software Engineer at Axon Do All Day?

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By Alton Zenon III

Jessica Walters is a software engineer on Axon’s “Real Time Operations” team, so her job is to design, develop and maintain the software that powers 911 dispatch. She said much of her work is centered on writing and testing the code that makes up new features and infrastructure for emergency response teams. Walters gave us a peek at what her day-to-day looks like and shared why collaborating with her team is one of the most fulfilling parts of her role. 


Where she works: Axon develops technology like tasers, body cameras and other devices to support public safety professionals as they work to preserve life and avoid lethal tactics in their duties.

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Seattle, WA




On her to-do list:

“I think it’s easy for anyone to believe they have to have all the answers, but rarely is a solo project executed better than one done by a team, even if it’s only a team of two. Writing design docs for tough problems ensures I get the input I need from my team, which ultimately improves the quality of my work and results in better software for our customers.”

Which task gets her out of bed in the morning: I love writing design documentation to help tease out the hard problems we tackle as a team. When I put out a design doc, I know my team will chime in with great ideas to help get us to the right solution. While I’m still evolving my skills in working through technical problems on paper, I’m surrounded by a diverse and talented group of engineers who always teach me something new.

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