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Be Yourself in Life.
Be Yourself at Work.

At Built In, we believe that our strength comes from the spectacularly unique people we hire and the equally unique culture we’ve built. We know that our clarity of our vision makes us successful. But our culture makes us human — and we value the whole human.

"I believe the world needs human-centered leadership now more than ever. At Built In, you’ll work in a people-first atmosphere. We care about your work — of course we do — but we put just as much emphasis on your wellbeing, your growth and your sense of fulfillment and belonging. Those are the human experiences you need to thrive, and that's our goal: to help you discover your best self ... your most fulfilled self ... your whole self."

Maria Christopoulos Katris

Co-Founder and CEO

How & Where We Work:


Flex Mode:

Our most flexible and default option, flex mode means you’ll have a dedicated desk at our brand new HQ. Enjoy the perks of being in office and work from home two days a week.

* Some roles will still need to be Chicago-based, flex mode roles.


Remote Mode:

Built In’s focus is to unite tech talent and the tech industry - nationally, locally, and remotely. Today, many of our jobs are now posted as fully remote and we invite you to join our diverse, national team.

Perks and Benefits.

Candidates like you value benefits that improve your life, not outdated perks like beer on tap. In addition to fundamental offerings like comprehensive healthcare and a 401(k) company match, we provide opportunities to grow as both a professional and human being, like through a continuing education stipend.

Pay For Performance

We conduct performance reviews biannually, where all employees are eligible for promotions and compensation adjustments. We have systems in place to regularly ensure that our compensation programs are equitable and competitive.

Medical, Dental, Vision

Your health and wellness is our priority. Employees can choose from options that best fit their needs.


We care about your future, and provide a vendor partner for retirement planning.

Flexible PTO + Quarterly Wellness Days

Our paid time off program is designed to empower you to take the time off you need.

11 Paid Holidays

In addition to holidays, we offer paid days off for your birthday, volunteerism and wellness.

Annual Lifestyle Reimbursement

We've designed the $250 lifestyle stipend program to encourage and support a well-rounded lifestyle for our team.

Stock Options

We're in this together - all full time employees receive stock options as part of their compensation package

½ Day Friday’s

Yes, it's real! All year round, employees can enjoy starting their weekend at 12:30pm each Friday!

Company-Wide Week Off

A dedicated week-off for our employees in the summer to relax and recharge.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

We’re on a mission to create a culture so open that it embraces all people. Our aim is to ensure that, when any employee walks through Built In's doors, they know they’re walking into a space that rejects all forms of racism, sexism, phobism, bias, inequity, discrimination, injustice, exclusion, harassment and aggression, overt or covert.


To The Core.

We’re changing tech recruitment by making it human. So we innovate with a sense of drive, urgency and purpose. But no matter how hard we work, our core values keep us centered on what matters most. 

Be Inclusive, Always.

We’re committed to a culture where all people are respected, have a say and can be their whole selves. We uplift and advocate for one another. Always.

Lead With Solutions.

Question everything. But offer solutions as you do.Raise issues. But propose a few answers. For every hole you poke, offer a way to patch it up.

Be Unreasonably Passionate.

Our passion is borderline obsessive, and we’re ok with that. No one ever built anything great on a “meh.” We work with outsized passion to fulfill our mission.

Stay Curious.

Curiosity is a springboard to the future. It can transform the wisp of an idea into a full-blown breakthrough. We ask “what if.” We work with wonder. It’s how we innovate.

Own The Result.

We have no time for blame or shame. When you stumble, own it, learn from it and get back to business.

Be Humble.

You don’t have all the answers. Luckily, you don’t have to. Don’t worry about being right, be humble instead.

Do More.

Do more than your job description. Take initiative. Take charge. No job is beneath you, and no job is too big. Be a leader and do more — do whatever it takes.


We'll Get You There.

We hire you because, in addition to your skills and qualifications, we see your potential to push the role into the future. You’ll grow at Built In. Our human development plan is devoted to focusing on your development, both personally and professionally. We also offer an annual education stipend, stretch projects, the autonomy to bring to life new ideas you’re passionate about and, of course, formal advancement across and within departments.

Leadership Team.

Our human-centered leadership team creates space for people to work autonomously, but they’re the first to step in, with empathy, and provide support when needed. Their fuel? Passion, resilience, humility and transparency.

Maria Katris

CEO + Founder

Adam Calica

SVP, Growth + Product

Ravi Budigelli


Kate O'Neill


Alli Sitkiewicz

SVP, Sales

Amy Reagan Hollo

Vp, Strategic Operations

Aaron Pecoraro

VP, Creative Director

Steph Studebaker

head of people

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We’re hiring

Join Our Team.

If our work and mission light you up, we'd love to learn more about you. We also invite you to learn more about us. Review this career page and view our open roles. You just might just find a job you were born to do. And keep in mind: We don’t need you to tick off every job-requisite box in order to apply. Ask yourself if you’ll bring your own brand of excellence to the role. Ask yourself if you’ll push the role into the future. If the answer is yes, we want to meet you.

Got Questions? Answers Right Here.

Built In helps some of the most innovative companies you know of attract otherwise hard-to-hire tech talent. We leverage the power of content and digital solutions to amplify customers’ brands, telling stories of their cultures and tech. Along with our news and trend coverage, these stories draw 2.5 million tech professionals monthly. When they discover companies with missions they believe in, they’re inspired to apply.

We hire strategically and according to our core values, evaluating talent not only against the core competencies of a given role, but how that role, and the whole human within it, could grow with the business in two to three years. We see not just the skills on your resume now, but those you could add later.

You’ll meet our recruiter by phone before moving on to Zoom interviews with a hiring manager and/or varied team members. The interview process often includes practical work or a project, which you’ll submit for review. If the stars align, we conclude with a final interview, reference check and offer letter.

These are all the same company: Built In. Every employee here works for Built In, even if their job focuses in some way on one of the eight markets we serve (and counting). We do add city names after “Built In” when we give users a local experience. But that’s an identifier, not a different company. When you join us, you join Built In.

We suggest researching the business and people with whom you’re interviewing. More than that, come ready to share your experience, passions and values in an authentic way.

Every new hire goes through a hybrid onboarding process that includes both company and role-specific training. Throughout your first 30, 60 and 90 days, you’ll become a learner, contributor and owner. Our onboarding process sets you up for success and for a smooth transition into Built In for long-term impact, with a performance review upon completion of your first 90 days.  

In addition to consistent 1:1’s with your manager and team, we have an ongoing goal-setting Human Development Plan with all employees. We also have a $500 annual L&D stipend for all employees to use for continued education and professional development.

Built In pays competitively for top talent. When we fill a role, and during our annual compensation review, our VP of People does a deep compensation analysis, including researching market rates. Compensation is evaluated annually, and employees are eligible for promotion every 6 months or based on new business needs.

When you work at Built In, you contribute to the success of some of the most exciting, innovative companies — companies that are part of culture and life. At the same time, your work will change the lives of the tech professionals who visit the site to discover jobs they were born to do.