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Our team shares an outsized passion for building a tech recruitment platform that harnesses the power of content and community to make work meaningful.

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Built In Employees Discuss Their Empathic approach to Work (and Each Other)

Leadership Team.

Our human-centered leadership team creates space for people to work autonomously, but they’re the first to step in, with empathy, and provide support when needed. Their fuel? Passion, resilience, humility and transparency.

Maria Katris

CEO + Founder

Adam Calica

SVP, Growth + Product

Tim Collman

SVP, Finance

Ravi Budigelli

VP, Engineering

Mike Castellani

VP, Enterprise Sales

Emma Galler

VP, Sales

Amy Reagan Hollo

Vp, Strategic Operations

Jackie Jenkins

VP, Performance Marketing

Kelly Keegan

VP, People

Aaron Pecoraro

VP, Creative Director

Alli Sitkiewicz

Vp of sales, account mgmt

Mark Turner

VP, Rev Ops

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Why Matillion “Can't Imagine Any Company That Wouldn't Benefit From Built In"

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Working for Built In is a chance to help exciting tech companies meet their business goals — and to change the lives of tech professionals for the better. People who visit our site rely on Built In to find their professional purpose. By extension, our work is full of purpose, too.