We know what tech professionals want, because we are tech professionals.

Making your team successful is our passion + our purpose. We’re continually innovating to help you hire + retain the very best.

Our core values

Centered on What Matters.

Leadership Team.

Our human-centered leadership team creates space for people to work autonomously, but they’re the first to step in, with empathy, and provide support when needed. Their fuel? Passion, resilience, humility and transparency.

Maria Katris

CEO + Founder

Adam Calica

SVP, Growth + Product

Ravi Budigelli


Kate O'Neill


Alli Sitkiewicz

SVP, Sales

Aaron Pecoraro

VP, Creative Director

Kate Benitez

Head of Enterprise Sales

John Koopman

Head of Rev Ops

Steph Studebaker

head of people

Ideas Need People.

We connect the people and companies that need each other to turn their “could” into their “created.”
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Work Your Passion

Live Your Purpose

At Built In, our team is what makes us great. We know greatness comes in all shapes + sizes. No matter your goals, your time zone, or your passions, we’ll work to foster growth + development.