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How Toast Scaled Its Team With Built In

Toast is revolutionizing the way the restaurant industry does business by pairing technology with an unrivaled commitment to customer success.

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The Challenge

At the start of its partnership with Built In, Toast was in the early stages of explosive growth. The company had a lot of hiring to do—fast—in order to hit its business goals and wanted to make sure that every new “Toaster” (what Toast calls its employees) aligned with its passionate, collaborative and playful culture. 


At the time, Toast wasn’t as well known in the tech space—let alone the Boston tech community—as it is today. Boston has been a booming tech market for years, so Toast knew it needed to grow its brand recognition among the Boston tech community in order to meet hiring goals.

Built In has helped us hire some great candidates across all business functions and levels. The platform has helped us fill a few key technical roles, even at the director level. Many of our hires from Built In are still at Toast and thriving! We love giving candidates an authentic lens into working at Toast through our branded page and content.”

Natalie Audelo

Employer Brand Manager

The Solution

Toast’s first step was to get its brand in front of Boston’s tech professionals, and the company turned to Built In to do it. As part of the partnership, Toast was featured in three Employer Roundups—articles featuring several employers around a strategic recruitment topic— alongside other well-known Boston tech companies like ezCater and Rapid7. Soon, Boston tech professionals were associating Toast with these popular companies and, as a result, the company’s street credibility grew immensely. At the end of its first year of partnership, Toast had made 10 hires from Built In. 


Because of the success Toast was seeing from Built In, the company renewed its partnership for a second year. At this point, Toast was fairly well-known in the Boston tech community. The company revised its content strategy on Built In to emphasize higher-priority roles. Sales and engineering roles were Toast’s primary focus, but the company needed to hire across the board. With its overall hiring in mind, Toast participated in content pieces that showcased its company culture and unique perks. To attract engineers, however, the company used one of its allotted articles to highlight the engineering team and the unique projects they were working on. Toast also increased its investment with Built In to incorporate custom articles and photography. The company used this additional investment to target sales talent by featuring its VP of Sales along with three of the sales team members and providing candidates with an inside look into the sales team at Toast. The investment paid off, as Toast hired 19 people from Built In that year, almost half of which were sales and engineering hires. 


Now in the third year of partnership, Toast is still seeing great success from Built In. The company continues to invest further in custom content, highlighting its culture and values and providing candidates with an authentic lens into what it would be like to work at Toast. Some of the company’s latest investments have featured an article about Toast’s perspective on professional development, a video about its employees’ unique backgrounds, and an inside look into its engineering team culture via a “women in tech” Q&A. Year 3 has yielded even more success than the previous two years of partnership. Toast has made 24 hires from Built In over the last 10 months—with more to come. 

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The Results

Year 1

10 direct hires from Built In

Year 2

19 direct hires from Built In

Almost 50% were sales or engineering hires

Year 3

24 direct hires from Built In within 10 months

Across multiple functions and seniority levels.