How B-Corp Status Can Make You an Employer of Choice

A conversation with Paul Hunter, Responsible Business Lead at Kin + Carta

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Becoming a B-Corp certified company represents a commitment to people, planet, and profit — and that can make you an attractive employer for both candidates and employees, explains today’s guest Paul Hunter, Responsible Business Lead, Kin + Carta. Responsibility and sustainability are baked into the Kin + Carta brand. 


“Just as people are starting to prioritize responsibility more in the ways that they purchase goods and services,” says Paul, “they’re also prioritizing it more in choosing where they work.” 


Millennials and Gen Z have long been hailed as the most purpose- and cause-driven generation of workers; this interview with Paul bears that out. Not only does Paul make the power of becoming a B-Corp for recruitment indisputable, but it tells the story of how one company did it — and did it well.

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