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EdTech has hit a major growth spurt in recent years, with billions in annual funding and major technological innovations. Now, edtech companies need to hire qualified tech talent to keep up with the rapid scale. With Built In’s reach and branding solutions, edtechs can market to and hire the talent they need to grow their flourishing businesses.

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EdTech: #1 most-searched-for industry

overall and for remote jobs on our platform in 2021.

Built In is home to millions of monthly users eager to find their next opportunity in tech and level up their careers. Our users are very aware of edtech’s growth, which is why it is consistently in the top 10 most-annually-searched-for industries on our platform.


of candidates are attracted to company mission

Mission-Driven Work as an Advantage.

Tech professionals want to work at businesses doing impactful work. Edtechs often have noble missions — to educate their users — and companies can use employer branding to tap into the power of their purpose and attract more candidates.

Our Customers.

We’re proud to work with the edtech companies leading the next digital revolution.

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Our Customers.

We’re proud to work with the edtech companies leading the next digital revolution.

46% of U.S. EdTech unicorns work with Built In.

Built In empowers over 1,100 edtech employers to recruit smarter, not harder. Our platform is a key recruitment resource for edtechs large and small as they pursue the tech talent they need to scale.

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60% of our users are looking to move jobs in the next 6 - 12 months and edtechs must compete for these professionals with the more household names in tech. How? By promoting the opportunities professionals will have to build the career of their dreams in a growing, mission-driven business. Built In can help edtechs showcase their inherent strengths and content for the best talent against the biggest titans in tech.

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