Xtreme Remote: Company Allows People to Work Anywhere Globally

A conversation with Dimitris Psaltoulis, VP of People at Blueground

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In today’s episode of Technically People, Dimitris Psaltoulis, VP of People at Blueground, dives into the company’s work-from-anywhere initiative known as Blueground Nomads. 


When most of us think “remote,” it’s likely to conjure up images of kitchen tables turned workstations. But Blueground, a real estate company that offers customers flexible leases on fully furnished apartments across the world, gives remote new meaning. 


Employees can work from anywhere around the globe, for as long or as little as they like. The company even incentives it: Employees get discounted Blueground apartments across the world. 


The program is not only a way to deliver the flexibility employees demand. It aligns with the company’s employer brand, one of whose values is “exploration.”


“As a company, we believe that humans are hardwired to explore,” says Dimitris. “Many of our employees are avid travelers and explorers themselves. This is something we share in common with our customers. We fundamentally believe that the experience of different locations and cultures help significantly to broaden one’s perspective.”  

Dimitris concedes the tax and legal ramifications of a program like Blueground Nomads can be intimidating, like the need to set up a separate entity in each new location. But Dimitris says it’s not as onerous as it seems. He offers a few solutions you may not have considered.

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