On Demand Webinar: Employer Brand Experts Share Award-Winning Work

Winners of Built In’s Employer Branding Awards walk us through their amazing campaigns



On the heels of Built In’s inaugural Employer Brand Awards program, which honors the best employer branding across tech, we engaged several winners to share their favorite work, what inspired it, and the results it drove.


It’s one thing to talk about brand theory. It’s another thing to see great branding. During this event we learned about the thinking that drove the creation of these great campaigns, bumps along the way, and results they yielded.




Built In’s Director of Brand & Creative and host for this webinar, Tiffany Meyers, laid out exactly why employer branding is so important for companies right now. She touches on the idea that, these days, recruitment and marketing go hand-in-hand. Reaching the right talent can save your company money and time, making a huge impact on all areas of business.


In fact, according to research from CareerArc, 96% of companies believe that employer branding can either positively or negatively impact revenue. Also, employer branding isn’t just for candidates: consumers are also more likely to buy from or partner with a company who treats their employees right. 




For our first employer brand campaign showcase, Dana Nielsen, Senior Talent Brand Partner at Spreetail, walked us through her company’s mission of social impact. Spreetail focuses on giving back to their communities: through a Volunteer Week and partnering with their Inclusion Networks (ERGs). Their Inclusion Networks don’t just give back internally at Spreetail, but also externally such as for Pride Month where their Pride Alliance made t-shirts and donated the profits to a LGBTQ+ organization. Even their summer interns get in on the volunteer action by choosing a community to help out and working in teams to better other people’s lives. 


All of these opportunities help Spreetail display their focus on giving back to potential candidates and customers. By spending time volunteering with organizations that matter most to their employees and leadership, they reach like-minded individuals who want to do the same and work for a company that is bettering the world.




In order to try and combat The Great Resignation, software review company G2 Inspired Love. Ann Nguyen, who leads Culture and Communications at G2, walked us through how their Inspire Love campaign came to be, “helping employees find meaning in their work”. Nguyen explains that they took one of their 7 core values at G2, Inspire Love, and flushed it out into a branding campaign to include a global kickoff event, swag, digital Zoom backgrounds, in-person signage, a keynote speaker, and breakout sessions focused on people and community. 


The company also runs a program of “G2 Together Ambassadors”, who are an employee-led team of G2ers from all levels, roles, and offices that are dedicated to promoting DEI. These ambassadors serve as sounding boards for leaders as well as advocates for their teammates. Through inspiring love among their talent, G2 hopes to elicit emotion in their brand and in turn deepen the connection their employees and candidates have to their work.