Executive Workshop

Recruit Like a Marketer:
From Sourcing to Storytelling

July 23 at 12:00 pm CDT

Recruit Like a Marketer: From Sourcing to Storytelling

Traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough. 


Sourcing and referrals are time consuming, and according to recent survey results losing effectiveness in hiring tech talent. Recruiters must rethink their hiring strategies to align with how candidates look for jobs. The answer? Recruit like a marketer.


Join an exclusive, interactive workshop designed for talent acquisition and employer brand leaders like you. Connect with peers, share insights, and explore innovative strategies together.


You Will:

Our Speakers

Maria Katris [Moderator]
CEO & Founder
Built In
Jeff Moore [Panelist]
VP of Talent, Operations, and Workplaces
Jim Turbek [Panelist]
Sr. Director, Global Recruiting
Deniz Gultekin [Panelist]
Global Talent Brand Lead

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