Recruiters: Say No to Being Treated Like Assistants

A conversation with Mike Dwyer, Global Talent Acquisition Lead at Feedzai​

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Isn’t recruitment the recruiter’s job? Not as we know it. And not if Mike Dwyer has anything to do with it. The Global Talent Acquisition Lead is creating a culture of recruitment at Feedzai, where every employee shares responsibility for talent acquisition. It’s a point of differentiation, he says, since the people doing the work are more likely to build meaningful relationships with candidates.


That culture will free recruiters to evolve, says Dwyer. They’ll become internal talent consultants who empower, enable and educate, delivering the resources employees need to be a vital part of recruitment. Dwyer adds: It’s time recruiters say no to being treated like administrative assistants. Instead, they should own their rightful place as experts.

Update: Since recording Dwyer’s episode, Feedzai announced a four-day work week for the end of summer 2021, a strategy the press has covered as a win for labor activists if it were to be adopted widely. In addition, beyond summer, Feedzai’s plan is that employees can choose to work from home, part time in the office or full time in the office according to their preferences. But there’s a twist. Employees are given the chance to recommit or change their arrangement every six months.


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