Built In presents

Creating Equitable Workplaces for Women

March 23rd at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT

U.S. women overall have recovered the jobs they lost or left during the pandemic. But as they return, the inequities they left remain, greeting them as they walk through corporate corridors again.


Women aspire to senior roles as much as men. But for every 100 promoted men, only 87 women and 82 women of color are promoted (McKinsey, 2022). Women who ask for raises and bonuses are granted them less often. And researchers predict the gender pay gap, which annually costs U.S. women $1.6 trillion in earnings, is not likely to end before the year 2057.

Everyone pays when businesses undervalue, underrepresent and underpay women: the economy, families, women themselves and business. In study after study, companies with women represented in leadership are shown to outperform businesses without diverse leadership.


In this webinar, we’ll present strategies to create cultures in which women thrive. The call for equity — pay parity, advancement and work that coexists with wellness — is hardly radical. Rather, it represents a set of universal desires every employee deserves. Tune in to learn how to create cultures women won’t want to leave all over again. You have everything to gain, and a lot to lose.

Our Speakers

Tiffany Meyers [Moderator]
Director, Brand & Creative
Built In

Julie Kantor [Panelist]
Director of Mentoring and DEI+B

ISG (Information Services Group)

Jes Osrow [Panelist]
Co-Founder, COO & DEIBA Specialist 
The Rise Journey & Rise with OPHR

Robbie Green [Panelist]

Executive Coach

Talking Talent

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