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What Does An Analyst at Ro Do All Day?

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By Alton Zenon III

Since joining Ro almost a year ago, Analyst Swetta Chandra has been building analytical frameworks to help drive strategic initiatives and financial decisions at the company. She said she values having a tangible impact on not only the business, but also the company’s cultural make-up as a member of the diversity committee. Learn more about what her day-to-day looks like below. 


Where she works: Ro is a healthtech company building a patient-centric healthcare system. Ro’s platform connects telehealth, diagnostics and pharmacy services to provide quality, affordable healthcare without the need for insurance.

New York, NY




On her to-do list:

“A huge perk of working in a growing, data-driven organization is seeing the impact of my efforts on business decisions and the larger shared mission”.

Which task gets her out of bed in the morning: Our most exciting work right now is around cross-pollination and evaluating how a single patient can benefit from the multiple healthcare services we offer because it’s a perfect mix of nuance and complexity. It requires extensive collaboration across teams who are all looking to determine how we can provide an integrated and holistic healthcare experience for patients.

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