2024 Best places to work

Create Your Custom Award Link

Follow the steps below to create your Best Places to Work 2024 custom anchor tag.

Step 1:

Make your own copy of the 
Anchor Tag Generator.

Step 2:

Select the list location

Select the location from the tab options at the bottom of the spreadsheet. (Ex: You are making an anchor tag link for the “100 Best Places to Work in Atlanta” award, choose the “Atlanta” tab)


THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you select the wrong market to use the tool, you will create a broken link.

Before moving on, check that your market name displays in bright blue at the top of the spreadsheet.

Box 3 will display FALSE# – this is correct Do not delete this text, and do not type in Box 3. Doing so will break the generator. If that happens, you will need to Edit > Undo any and all changes you made until the document is in its original state. FALSE# will display again.

Step 3:

Select the list you're featured on from the drop down in Box 1.

(Ex: You are making an anchor tag link for the “100 Best Places to Work in Atlanta” award, choose the “100 Best Places to Work” drop-down)

Click the down arrow on the right hand of the box and select the correct Best Places to Work list from the drop-down.

Once you do this, you’ll see part of a URL populate in Box 3. Leave it until the end.

Step 4:

Type your company name in Box 2.

Type your company name exactly as it appears on the Best Places to Work list and your BuiltIn.com company profile. Your company name should appear on the end of the URL in Box 3.

Step 5:

Check that your name appears correctly in Box 3.

It should be in lowercase letters, without any special characters (i.e. apostrophes, exclamation points) and all spaces should be replaced with hyphens.

If any errors appear, make all corrections in Box 2. DO NOT TYPE IN OR DELETE ANYTHING DIRECTLY FROM BOX 3.

Check for:

Step 6:

Check that your new custom link works properly.

Once you’ve thoroughly checked your URL, copy the URL from Box 3 and paste into a new browser tab. Press enter. You should be directed to your company’s feature on the correct Best Places to Work link.

If you receive a 404 error message do the following: