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How Carrot Fertility Launched Remote-First Recruiting With Built In

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The Challenge

When Director of Talent Acquisition Mara Kern joined Carrot Fertility in April 2021, her main priority was to establish a recruiting infrastructure.  


“Before I joined Carrot, the company primarily worked with recruiting agencies to source and hire talent,” said Kern. “One of my goals upon joining was to build out a team internally to manage recruiting, create content that spoke to candidates, and spread the word about Carrot and what makes us a great company to work for.” 


The company was headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area but was pivoting to a national, remote-first recruitment strategy. So Kern and her team had to not only establish their employer brand but use it to appeal to candidates across the country. 


“Hiring everywhere was new to us,” said Kern. “It was a new challenge for us to engage with people across multiple locations, in what had become a very competitive talent market.”

Kern partnered with the Built In at a previous employer and saw good results. So she decided Built In would be a great resource to help Carrot build upon its employer brand and grow its remote team.

Built In gives us the power to showcase our inclusive culture, and that’s super important in this market.”

Mara Kern

Talent Acquisition Manager

The Solution

Carrot started its partnership with Built In in May 2021 and the team immediately got to work building out the company’s national employer brand online. Kern’s team and stakeholders in marketing outlined the core elements of the Carrot brand that they wanted to show candidates across the country. Then they built out Carrot’s employer profile and participated in their first piece of content in June, followed by another in September. 


Kern appreciated the guidance that Built In offered as her team used content and employee stories to amplify the brand and reach potential candidates.


“It’s a candidate’s market and prospective employees want to know, ‘What is Carrot saying versus another company I’m looking at? What are the vibes I’m getting from this company?’” said Kern. “Built In gives us the power to showcase our inclusive culture, and that’s super important in this market.”


Carrot also garnered organic Built In press. The company was featured on our 100 Best Remote-First Companies to Work for in 2022 list, and two Carrot employees were awarded Built In’s 2022 Moxie Awards for being impactful women in their workplace. 


Kern said this news drove a lot of brand awareness and engagement online and gave candidates another valuable peek into their culture. The combination of branded and organic content gave Carrot and its staff lots of material to share on their networks as recruitment tools. 


And in less than a year, those efforts paid off.

The Results

Since Carrot partnered with Built In, the company made 25 attributed hires across seven departments through the platform. And more than 90 percent of those hires were made outside of the San Francisco area — the original location of their partnership. 


In April 2022, Carrot sent a survey to recent hires that were onboarded in the previous six months. Kern said there were over 100 responses and around 20 percent called out Built In as a source they used to learn more about the company and its culture. 


“I thought it was pretty impactful that one-fifth of the people who joined Carrot in some capacity turned to it from Built In,” said Kern. 


One respondent said, “Using Built In was helpful to hear about the company from their own perspective.”


For Kern, the survey helped validate the partnership. It was evidence of the hard work the Carrot team put in to not only build an employer brand but to use it to recruit nationally — all on the Built In platform.

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