On Demand Webinar: Zoom Towns and Anti Work – The Trends You Need to Know

HR trends shaping the market and how they can affect your business

About the Webinar


In this month’s webinar Built In’s Chief Marketing Office Sheridan Orr covers the top trends and changes in HR tech that are affecting workers across the country, including compensation, hybrid work, safety and much more. Orr discusses how taking a human-centered approach is overall the most effective way to lead teams and create a better quality of life for your workers.


Quality of Life


Orr explains that instead of seeing time off from work as a “reward”, it should instead be a requirement and a focus for workers. Taking a day off here and there might not fix your feelings of burnout, but a company-wide shut down week can take the pressure off of all employees. Symptoms of burnout can only be lessened by looking at the entire system, not just adding on one program for a short period of time. Companies are looking at instituting a four-day work week, and many companies are testing this in Europe right now. Sabbaticals are also on the rise as workers seek extended amounts of time away from the office. All of these factor into our quality of life inside and outside of work.


Location & Safety


Thousands of people moved during the pandemic, and we are now seeing how that migration has effected the US economy and housing market. “Zoom Towns” have popped up across the country, boosting up smaller towns outside of major cities and making them ideal places for young workers to live, with cheaper housing prices and quieter spaces to grow. For those who are staying in cities, the commute to work has become even more unappealing as the lack of safety on public transit is deterring workers from wanting to travel into the office. Physical violence alongside the fear of getting sick with viruses that are still very much spreading has stalled office capacity from getting up to pre-pandemic numbers.


Trust & Transparency


Transparency is one of the most talked-about traits when it comes to good leadership. Whether that be transparency in salaries, how a company is doing financially, or even being vocal on social issues. Good leaders need to be open and honest with employees during turbulent times in the market, but it can be extremely difficult when even they might not have all the answers. Having trust between leadership and employees helps boost retention and engagement across the board. Prospective employees are looking to work for companies who are speaking out against injustices in the world, and companies can’t afford to stay quiet. Trust and transparency between managers and employees can say a lot about the way your company is run and influence the perception of your overall employer brand to the outside world.