Season 1 Wrap: Celebrating the HR Community

A conversation withTiffany Meyers, Director, Brand and Creative at Built In

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“One year into the Technically People podcast, we’ve collected an incredible audio catalog of some of the most interesting, inspiring, innovative projects and ideas and people in the HR space in 2021,” said show co-host Tiffany Meyers, Director, Brand and Creative, Built In.

If you tune in regularly, you know each episode ends with a segment called the two-minute takeaway. It’s a chance for our guests to underscore some key ideas they want to leave the audience with.

In this episode to wrap up Season 1, Tiffany keeps the tradition alive. Drawing from the show’s 26 conversations, she walks through several ideas that stood out to her.

The show ends on Tiffany’s fan girl moment, when she pauses to, well, love on her listeners.

“In the past 20-plus months,” she says, “you’ve been tasked with so much. By some miracle, you managed to orchestrate a shift to remote work — overnight and at a scale the world has never seen. You’ve been charged with tending to your employees’ wellness, even as you face the same mental health risks they do. And now, you’re contending with a talent shortage — which comes at exactly the moment your companies’ hiring needs have accelerated.” 

Stay tuned for Season 2. We promise it will be full of just as much love for people enablement leaders and the better future they’re building — as well as insights on how they’re doing it.

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