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Why Engaging Built In To Tell Its Stories Helped Epsilon-Conversant “Elevate Our Name And Gain Third-Party Validation”

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The Challenge

As a well-established digital media company, Epsilon-Conversant wanted to distinguish itself within the Chicago tech scene. “In a very noisy industry, the question becomes: How do you stand out from the crowd and actually show brand strength?” says Brian Bielawski, senior manager of talent acquisition at Epsilon-Conversant. 

Launching its Built In profile in 2019, the team set out to expand its recruitment marketing efforts and generate brand awareness. “We saw Built In as a chance to elevate our name and gain third party validation,” says Bielawski.  

Aaron LeMay’s experience bears that out. The talent acquisition specialist says: “The content, branding, careers — there’s so much we’re getting out of this. It’s not only a great platform but it’s backed by data. We can see where we’re at and where we have room to adjust.” 

The benefits of Built In expanded beyond the team’s going-in assumptions. “We went into this partnership with the understanding that Built In is a home for tech, but it’s so much more,” says LeMay, who calls Built In a one-stop-shop for quality inbound candidates.

We went into this partnership with the understanding that Built In is a home for tech, but it’s so much more.”

Aaron Lemay

Talent Acquisition Specialist

The Solution

In March 2019, Epsilon-Conversant created its profile on Built In and grew its presence from there. Incorporating job postings, branded content and a long form Spotlight article, the team saw an uptick in brand awareness across the marketplace. 



“We’ve moved from DIY recruitment branding to a true partnership based on Built In’s tools and brand awareness,” says Bielawski. “We get to leverage the platform’s strengths, great content and voice as a trusted  third party to help tell our story and do a little bit of selling before we even interact with a candidate.” 



Epsilon-Conversant has virtually doubled its recruitment marketing efforts. “It almost feels like we have two  marketing teams working for us — one internally and one through Built In,” says Bielawski, who also values the personal relationships with Built In staff members. 



“Having a strong partnership with Built In means all the pieces fall into place relatively easily,” he says. “Built In thinks strategically and views us as a true partner. They’re not just thinking about renewals; they’re looking at our needs and how their offerings can really help us.”

The Results

Within the first year alone, the team made 28 hires —  nine of whom applied directly from Built In and 19 of  whom were influenced. “While we were focused on just  engineering and analytical roles, we ended up hiring  for all disciplines,” explains Bielawski. “And we saw an  increase in qualified candidates across the board.”  


Not only has Built In helped Epsilon-Conversant fill critical  roles, but it remains an integral part of sourcing. “The fact  that Built In is one of our top five sources for inbounds  at the tail end of 2019 when we’re looking at just 8 to 9  months of data — that’s pretty awesome,” says LeMay.


The team also said the partnership simplified their efforts  further down the recruitment funnel. With detailed  company profiles and authentic stories, Built In users are  more informed about Epsilon-Conversant.  


“Having qualified candidates is helpful, but having  qualified candidates who are pre-sold on the company  is extremely beneficial,” says Bielawski, who adds: “Built  In has carved out a valuable niche for recruiters. We’ve  seen an impact from the platform that we don’t get from  the other vendors.”

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28 Hires Came From
Or Were Influenced
By Built In

Increase in qualified candidates by sourcing through Built In

Top Source

8 Months Of Data Put Built In In The Top 5 Sources For Quality Inbound Candidates

Built In users are more informed about Epsilon-Conversant

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