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Why Built In Is A Must-Have Partner For Accelerating Growth At HealthJoy

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The Challenge

HealthJoy has seen massive growth since its inception in 2014, with two major rounds of funding in 2019 and 2020. However like most startups, a people team was nonexistent in its early days. HealthJoy’s founders were responsible for hiring and employer branding was far from their minds.


But that all changed in 2019 when HealthJoy built out its people function and started partnering with Built In to accelerate its company’s growth. “Built In was one of the tools I knew HealthJoy needed to invest in to attract candidates and build a foundation for telling our company’s story,” says Megan DePorter, people operations at HealthJoy.


To grow at the pace the company needed to after raising capital, DePorter was thankful for Built In’s consultative approach to the partnership. “We don’t have time to think about our employer brand all of the time, but Built In fills this need for us by always bringing new ideas to the table for how we can meet our internal goals.”

Candidates that learn about HealthJoy through Built In are much more qualified and exactly who we want to interview for our roles.

Megan DePorter

People Operations at HealthJoy

The Solution

HealthJoy started its partnership with Built In by collaborating on how best to tell its story and differentiate themselves among competitors in the technology industry. From there, the company used Insider Spotlights and Employer Roundups to showcase who they are and what they do from employees’ perspectives.


“Tech candidates are very selective about the employers they want to work for,” says DePorter. “Because of this, it was a high priority for us to share with candidates who we are and our mission, and Built In has been the ideal platform for us to achieve this.”


DePorter continues by saying, “We have the ability to talk about more than just open jobs and give candidates a chance to really see what our company is like to work for. I don’t know of any other vendor that provides this type of customizable approach to storytelling.”


The partnership with Built In has allowed the HealthJoy people team to not worry about their employer brand and instead focus on other big projects to drive growth. “Built In has mastered the partnership experience and that’s why I’ve always continued to work with them,” says DePorter.

The Results

Since partnering with Built In, HealthJoy has seen a 70% increase in qualified applicants. “Candidates that learn about HealthJoy through Built In are much more qualified and exactly who we want to interview for our roles,” says DePorter.


HealthJoy not only has better applicants because of Built In, but better hires. Built In accounts for 20% of all HealthJoys hires. “We are thrilled that Built In drives almost a quarter of our hires, but I have a feeling this number is actually much higher given that the candidate journey is not linear,” says DePorter.


The candidates who have found HealthJoy through Built In span across the entire organization from operations to sales to technology. “Built In has 100% helped us accelerate our company’s growth because of the stories we are able to tell and candidates we are able to attract,” says DePorter.

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20% of hires


70% increase in qualified candidates