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The onset of COVID-19 has significantly impacted recruitment around the world and across industries - fintech is no exception. Still, there remains tremendous room for growth.

That’s where Built In can help.

Built In is committed to helping fintech employers and recruitment teams find the talent they need to grow their business.

We analyzed first-party data from fintech employers across seven of our online communities to generate the insights you need to hone your recruitment strategy. Specifically, we examined the impact of COVID-19 on the state of fintech recruitment. Let's look at the data.


of fintechs within our communities are still actively hiring during COVID-19

Funding of U.S. fintech ventures alone increased 54 percent in 2019, which meant many organizations started the year with significant capital in hand. Faced with a global pandemic, fintechs have the resources to capitalize on the increased demand for digital services - and they're seizing the opportunity.

By The Numbers

# 1
Software engineering roles are currently receiving the most applications within the fintech industry.
# 1
Fintech is the second most in-demand industry with tech candidates in our communities, per user search behavior.


of all open roles across the fintech industry are for software engineering positions.

Social distancing ordinances forced many consumers to turn to online or mobile financial service platforms, which gave fintechs the opportunity to thrive. To meet this growing demand, fintechs need talented tech professionals to build and maintain critical infrastructure.

These are the roles fintech companies are hiring for today.

Software Engineering






Data Science






Navigating COVID-19

Candidate application activity within the fintech industry returned to pre-COVID-19 levels just 8 weeks after the majority of state shutdowns occurred (March 16).

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, fintechs have consistently outperformed comparable companies from a recruiting perspective.

Rate of Application

The rate of applications to fintech organizations was 21% greater than comparable companies
For software engineering and developer roles, the rate of applications to fintech organizations was 14% greater than similar companies


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