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The e-commerce talent market is more competitive than ever, especially since COVID-19. Tech talent is harder to find, yet is imperative to keep the industry on track with consumer expectations. As pressure mounts for e-commerce sales targets, is your recruiting pipeline optimized to attract the tech talent you need?

That’s where Built In can help.

Built In Is The Connection To Tech Talent The E-Commerce Industry Needs.

We analyzed first-party data from e-commerce employers across seven of our online communities to generate the insights you need to hone your recruitment strategy in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. Let’s dive into the data.

By The Numbers


About one third of all US-based e-commerce unicorns already work with Built In.


The number of users reading our e-commerce content has increased more than 5X year to date.


of all open e-commerces roles on Built In are for software engineers.

As the desire for convenient shopping experiences continues to rise, so does the need for talent to build these experiences. The talent needed to keep e-commerce companies relevant is unlike any other skill set they have had to hire for at scale in the past.

These Are The Top Roles E-Commerce Companies Are Hiring For Today.

Dev + Engineering




Data + Analytics











Our Customers.

We're proud to work with the companies leading the next digital revolution.

From Our Customers.

For e-commerce companies to thrive during COVID-19 and beyond, they must attract skilled technology professionals. And Built In is where tech talent goes to find their next employers. Join industry leaders by learning how Built In can help you attract your next tech hire.

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