“What if This is Our One Shot?”: For an Inclusive Future, Act Now.

A conversation with Dominique Hollins, Founder and Connector in Chief at WĒ360

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“What if this is our one shot?” says Dominique Hollins in this episode of Technically People. And if it is, she asks, who are we going to be? Barrier makers or breakers? 

The Founder and Connector in Chief of WĒ360, a consultancy focused on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, makes clear the urgency of this moment. Amid the tumult of social unrest, socio-political divisiveness, changing demographics and a global crisis, companies are being forced to answer: What side of history will we be on? 

In fact, in her work with clients, she uses history as an anchor. Dominique walks leaders through an overview of corporate diversity initiatives from 1964 to the present. 

In this conversation, she gives the same overview to our listeners — an approach to center people in shared understanding. And she also looks toward the opportunities that lie ahead. 

“The present is a function of the past,” she says. “So whoever we are today is because of what we did yesterday, which means whatever we build for tomorrow is based on this moment in time — what we do right now.”  

The episode also provides listeners with resources for deeper understanding and Dominique’s recommended actions for leaders who seek to create a just and equitable future of work.

“Generations to come are watching us,” she says, “and they’re depending on our collective fortitude.”

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